21 March

Sohan Fernando

Intro… Hello! My name is Sohan Fernando. I’m 24 years old. This my personal blog. heading test 123… Video 03 xvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvx xvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvxxvxvvxvxvxvxvx

14 October

Keshan Gamage

I am Keshan Gaamage. I am in grade 8. I live in Hindagolla, Kurunegala. My school is Kingswood College, Kandy. I have one sister and one brother.  My mother’s name is …

11 October

Dulandi Mapagedara

My name is Dulandi Mapagedara. I am 12 years old. I live in Hindagolla, Kurunegala. My school is Maliyadawa Model School. I have two sisters and no brothers. My mother’s …

12 July

Vanmathy Iruthayanathan

My name is Vanmathy Iruthayanathan. I am 13 years old. I am in grade eight. I study at St. James Girls’ School, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. I live in Maniyanthoddam, Jaffna. …

12 July

Kirushalini Francis

My name is Kirushalini Francis. I am fourteen years old. I am in grade nine. I study in Holy Family Convent National School. I live in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. My …

12 July

Fleming Roshan

My name is Fleming Flintoff Roshan. I am 13 years old. I am in grade 8. I am studying in St. Patrick’s college. I live in Maniyanthoddam, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. …